Experience the transformation of precious metal clay to solid pure silver. It’s so easy- anyone can do it!



Where can you learn to work with Art Clay Silver?

In Ingrid’s Silver Jewellery courses you learn how to create your own Pure Silver Jewellery with simple tools and a variety of techniques.  

No previous experience necessary!

Individual Courses

Beginners & Advanced
One-to-one or in small groups by arrangement

Full Day Course 10 am - 4.30 pm

Half Day Course Enquire for time to
fit your requirements, please allow
3 1/2 to 4 hours for your class

Enquiries under TinyNZ@icloud.com or PH: +64 022 011 6645

Group Courses

Beginners & Advanced

Venues to be confirmed

For information on the material and courses see:
www.artclaynz.co.nz “Classes” in Hawke’s Bay

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What is Art Clay Silver?

Art Clay Silver is a clay-like material that consist of very fine silver particles.. It looks and feels much like ordinary sculpting clay or modelling clay. You can press it, shape it, squash it, squeeze it, flatten it, stamp it, sculpt with it. You can thin it down and paint with it.

When you have shaped and dried Art Clay Silver, it is hard like plaster, enabling you to carve it, engrave it, file it and sand it to a perfect finish before firing.

Un-fired Art Clay Silver may be changed back to clay by adding water. Left-over pieces and powder resulting from filing and sanding can be turned back into Silver Clay, leaving no waste.

The silver consists of extremely fine silver powder held together with a non-toxic binder. When heated to a high temperature, the binder burns off and the metal particles fuse together, leaving you with a solid piece of 99.9% pure silver.

This firing can be done over a simple kitchen gas hob, camp cooker, with a blow torch or in a kiln.


The Basic Process in 5 Steps


1. Shaping 


Model the wet clay into your desired shape


2. Drying 

Dry completely- hair dryer or slow oven


3. Refining 

File and sand to remove any blemishes and carve decoration


4. Firing 

Fire the piece on a gas hob, with a blow torch or in a kiln


5. Finshing 

Polish the fired piece with a stainless steel brush, sandpaper and burnisher

The Results 

The resulting pure silver pieces can be hallmarked as fine silver


Make it. Wear it. Love it!

Individual or group courses available with Jewellery Artist (Certified Art Clay Tutor)

Enquiries and bookings: TinyNZ@icloud.com